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Not all batteries are created equal. With over 30 years experience in the Calgary Battery Industry, we understand this, and we know how to find the right products to meet your battery needs. At Affordable Battery Specialists, we have a wide range of products from a number of leading brands. In fact, no matter what your need, our battery experts will find the best battery that will fit that need. We also provide a wide range of energy and stored energy products and services.

What's the Best Battery Product for You?

At Affordable Battery Specialists, we have every type of battery to meet your needs. Our battery experts specialize in knowing the exact answers to all of your battery questions. Whether you need auto, deepcycle, motorcycle, sealed lead acid, alkaline, NiMh, rechargeable, laptop, or cell phone batteries, we have it. We also understand that quality is an important factor in battery life. Because of that, we supply our customers with batteries from companies that have strong reputations and great products. Our brands include Exide, Johnson Controls, Optima, U.S. Battery, Yuasa, Power Sonic, Odyssey, EnerSys, NorthStar, UPG, Dantona, UltraLife, Duracell, and Energizer among many others. By working with these companies, we can ensure that the products you receive from us are the best quality at the most affordable prices.

We’re also committed to alternative sources of energy, and stored energy. This is why we provide a full line-up of Rechargeable Battery Products, Battery Chargers and Power Inverters. We also have a line of green products that include Solar Panel Batteries.

Who Are Our Energy Partners?

Our Battery Charger line-up includes brands such as Autometer, Battery Tender, E-Z Red, Midtronics, Pro Mariner, and Schumacher.

We supply Power Inverters from companies like Power bright, Whistler, Magnum Energy, Xantrex, and Tundra.

Our Solar Panel options include solutions from Sharp, BP Solar, Suntech, Blue Sky Energy, IOTA Engineering, and Progressive Dynamics.

Because of these extensive partnerships, we’re able to provide all of your energy, stored energy, and alternative energy needs. Our objective is to provide you with the best battery products you need for a sustainable energy future.

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